The Bride of peony

Beauty elevate joy in the soul and it is a world packed in the sweetness of imagination that always radiate in the eyes, in which many can see, but only the beholder can understand that it’s a blessing in his eyes. Many are pretty, but only one is beautiful in the eyes of the beholder. Only one is a bride of peony.

Welcome to another episode of searchlight on pluxtime. I am Solove Solomon.

On this episode of searchlight, I will be bringing to you another love tale that express the sweetness that beauty brings to love. It is not just the sweetness, but the order of magnitude in which silence brings pure rejuvenation into the arena of perfection to what God had created.

It was a lovely Sunday afternoon that I was waiting for meal to be served. I could no longer hold on to the numerous battles going on in my tummy because it makes noise and I could hear the scream in there as if there is a fire burning me from hell. I paraded the kitchen as many times to see if the food has be cooked, but each time I visit the kitchen, I still see fire burning straight to the black bottom of the pot without hesitation. ‘Oh God, what is this now? Someone will die of hunger in this house today.’ That was one of my expressions as I walk back to the living room to watch television as if that is the only option to forward time.

The battle of hunger is uncontrollable though, and most importantly, I was already missing the sweetness of Sunday stew. The aroma alone will leave you salivating. Sunday stew is always special and I always feel pleasured to have a taste. But what is going on? The day’s launch was a bit taken too long and the soldiers in my tummy are not friendly. They fight in there as if their lives is about to be cut short.

Suddenly, I saw a take away plate of cooked rice on the dining table and I was eager to tuck the food straight down my throat when I heard a sweet soft voice unlike an irony song of lost love, “it’s mine”, she said. Speechlessly and gently, I turned around. I saw her. Yes, I did! But the battle in my tummy was too much a serious for me to recognize her look. ‘Oh, I’m sorry. I didn’t know’, I manage to say as I walked away disappointed, but the voice ring in my head.

Wait a minute! Who could that be? Who is she looking for and why is the meal on the dining table hers? I asked myself as I quickly turned around, again. Silence took a whole of me as I saw a beauty unexplainable; very fresh and pleasant to the eyes to see. ‘I don’t know you, please’…… But she quietly walked away without looking back as if she knew what to expect from a hungry young boy whose face isn’t friendly; leaving me with no lyrics to meditate on. But truly, I didn’t know what I was going to say but I surely might not have made a good first impression on her if she had waited.

‘Oooooohhhh! I’m hungry ooo.’ That was all I could say as I went back to continue watching unrelated issues on television but my mind still cast back to the rhythm of her voice and the pureness of her beauty. She must be an angel. If not, why will she walk away without saying anything? Curiosity overtook the hunger in my belly. The fire in her eyes captivates and elevates my soul. The thought of her became the food my mind feed on and I was eager to know who she is.

Later on that evening, I found out she was a close friend to the niece of my uncle’s wife, Patience. Hmmm! The expression on my face when I found that out was like sour soup that has not been warm for days. I know Patience and what she stands for; meeting her about this lovely looking angel like jasmine, will be wrong, in quote. But I was so determine or desperate to meet this lovely angel again, even if it means just asking her the reason why she fled off like that.  I met her on it and we gist the whole evening about her. What could make her flee just like? That question rings in my head as I talked with Patience that evening.  She gave me her name and also a no going area impression about her. ‘She is a student of Nigeria Institute of Journalism’, she said. ‘So, because I have not gotten admission into higher institution yet?’ I asked. ‘I like her voice and I most see her again’, I brag as I walked away. So what is the p?

I thought about her throughout the night. Why will she walk away just like that? I asked myself as many times as I thought of her. The rhythm of her voice suddenly became a melody sweetening my heart.

Her beauty seems not too common and her figure could make someone slip off the staircase.

I just wonder around in my thought till morning when I woke up. It can be seen in my eyes that I didn’t had a nice sleep. Who cares? The thought of this sweet little butterfly alone mollified me. Nothing seems to matter any way, maybe because there was no special maiden in my world and the beauty of love was gradually fading off from me since distance separated my girlfriend and me.

As I greeted the elders in the living room, I went up to catch the radiance of early morning rising sun that float along with cool breeze. It seems nourishing and new every morning. My soul rejoices as I look down to see the lovely flowers besides the wall. They look beautiful more than words could express because they feel my heart with joy.

Hey! Waiting a minute! My eyes caught a glimpse of her emergence. Slowly, she walks like a peacock. Confident in a way that seems nothing bothers her. Wow! My heart stops beating for few seconds. I could feel the sensation of R. Kelly’s melody cruzing my mind. She is perfect! Yes! She is enchanteur.

She swings along in the air of importance like a model. I could feel her steps like the miraculous melody of Caribbean princess. Wearing pink skirt, white top and a pink jacket like the bride of peony, she is. I could not let such beauty evaporates off my mind, as I went straight to my reading desk to write a poem of her. She is awesome and pretty like a queen that easily give an exude warmth and with no stress, quickly takes it back, leaving you excommunicated out of your sub consciousness. What an angelic visitation of a pure blessing from heaven to see such beauty that morning.

My heart skips and beat faster as I pick my pen to write a poem for her. Yes, I did write her poems, letters and text messages, but she won’t reply.

I could remember one day, my girlfriend came around and I gave her the dictionary and picture in my possession. It wasn’t easy for me that day, but I just have to, because the fire of love had gone off and I could no longer let myself get cage in separation caused by distance. Though she wasn’t happy, I could feel her pain as she went upstairs to answer the call of her uncle, while I sat downstairs nurturing the relief in my system.

It was a sweet relief because I had carried the burden in my heart for months. So letting her go was the best. That I thought as I sat quietly alone, feeling lonely in my new world. No one could understand my choice of life, but God knew what the heart want. As I battle with my thought, I feel a sudden aroma coming closer to me. Its smells nice and beautiful as it come nearer to me. I lift up my eyes and there she comes, smiling as a beauty queen. I could wonder, what God was thinking the day He created this damsel. Her beauty redefines every moment I see her. She seems to know how to package her look in line with the clothes and accessories she wears. From head to toes, she looks elegantly pretty, glowing in her youthfulness. Her straight body shape is rectangular like supermodel. You can feel she is blessed and her mother is favor to have her as a daughter.

As she draw closer, moment by moment, she count her steps and I begin to think that God actually gave her the name, Funke, because she deserve to be care for. She is an evidence of a true butterfly, so tender and sparkles. ‘Solomon, how are you’? She asked as she stretched her arms for a hug. An insipid smile escape my mouth as I received the warmly invitation of a sweet hug that remains a memory to share. ‘I’m fine and how are you too’? I manage to say; as I enjoy the strength that my body receives from the hug. My blood refreshes and my brain sharpens. I could only imagine how paradise is in the arms of this beautiful butterfly.



Part two

I didn’t want her to feel I was tapping current so I was the first to let go. As I look into her eyes, I see fire of love calling me like the spell of Lady Morgana. It weakens me that I could not overcome nervousness that flows through my vain. Silence everywhere. Her small nose like groundnut: so smooth. Only God knew how long it takes to mollified it with the beauty of her lips. She is just perfectly made to soothing love.

‘I’m fine Solomon’. The silky sound of her voice closed my mouth that was widely open, staring at her like a ghost. ‘Are u just coming back from school’, I manage to ask as I jabbered. ‘Not really. I don’t go to school on Saturday and Sunday. I saw a friend off and I said let me check on you’. Her diction was eloquent. The rhythmic flow of her words rhyme with her lips.

We talked a lot that evening and joy was restored in my heart. She said, yes! Silently, tear drop from eyes. I didn’t know a tear was dropping from my eyes, ‘twas the smoothness of her touch that restored my consciousness. I felt like grabbing her, but the passer bye and shyness would not let me. So I held her hand, only God knew where she summons the courage to give me the greatest hug of my life. It was as if cold water was drop in my heart that was burning of passion for her.

A new page of love was opened for Funke and me. Though journey was not that long but it was enough to remain a sweet memory for ever.

I could remember on Valentine’s Day. I had had no memory of such a special event created to celebrate love. I don’t know the reason why, but I sure had a little fair valentine celebration that year. I went downstairs alongside my cousin and about three plates to buy cooked rice from my favorite food seller. I was about to give the lady one of the plates in my hand when I saw her through the gate. She was all dressed up in a red and white mini gown, looking like model going for a miss world beauty pageant. I could not have been too carried away to brake my plates, but the smile that went along with her radiance made me to rush and carried her up like a bride on her wedding day.

Silently, as I drop her, we bow to love in a kiss that expresses our heart desire. Her lips taste sweeter every time we kissed. Then she whispers in my ear, ‘happy valentine’s day’.  Really? Is today valentine’s day? Expression of shock and surprise elude my face as I kissed her sweet lips once more. ‘Sorry baby, I forgot. Happy val’s day my love’. In my amusement and shame, she requested for her gift. In my mind, I was like, are you serious? ‘When you come back from school, your gift will be waiting for you’.

I had never bought any special gift for anyone on any occasion, not even a greeting card, but I had seen people spending vigorously buying gift of different kind for their love ones. Shyness always takes a whole of me whenever I think of doing such. But here I am, the most beautiful and special being in my life requested for a gift. I just have to show to her that I’m a big boy and I got what it takes to remain in that special position in her heart.

As I walk her to the bus stop that morning, I felt very special and the gentleness in me develops all of a sudden. My mood was cool like the movies I’ve seen. We held hands, talked and laugh vigorously. Even nature around could feel the vibration of love around us. I lost appetite for food. Who wouldn’t lose appetite for food, when there was more joy coming in, that feed the soul. I had forgotten the food I was buying. In fact I didn’t remember until I got back home then I saw the food vendor still waiting for me. ‘Wow! I’m sorry, I totally forgot’. I apologize as I stretched my hand to pay for the food. ‘Bros, you girl is very beautiful. You have eyes for good thing’, said the lady.

I felt so proud at first, but the sudden burst of silence took over me and I thought in my mind, she just express herself in correct English. ‘Thank you’, as I gave her the surprise looks of her life. Then I realize I was real hungry. Straight down to the dining table, nothing could have delayed the rush in which I ate the meal, but I ate it with love. I visualized togetherness with my love eating together.

After eaten, I took my bath and went straight down to see my friends, Emeka and Kingsley- the love doctors. If you need any help or you are confuse about love, the surely we provide solution to your problem. They are real times love gigolos. I explained everything to them and they asked me to get her what I love most at that time considering my budget. I smiled as they bother offered a helping hand. So we visited a super market close by. I love that particular super market, not for anything else, but for the chocolate. I usually spend close to 1,500 naira every week getting different type of chocolate from there.

The shop attendant already knew my regular, but that day was different. I wasn’t there for myself. I was there for someone so special. We took several hours searching for a lovely greeting card that will best express my deep heartfelt love for my puppet queen. Finally, I saw an empty greeting card, with lovely flower design. ‘I think I’ll prefer this card’, I share joyfully as I handed it over to the attendant. ‘What is this? An empty card?’ My friends and I smiled. ‘I love it and please don’t ask any further question about it’, I responded.

My friends already knew what I could do with that and I didn’t actually disappoint them. I wrote her a poem, titled ‘the bride of peony’ on the card, coupled with a pack of five-alive fruit juice and a pack of chocolate, my favorite flavor. ‘This will go along to refresh her mind after a hectic day’, Emaka said.

An insipid smile emerges from my face. What if she doesn’t like my gift for her on this special day? Will this impress her? I thought as we all walk down to residence. I was so lost in my thought that I could not catch along the joke with my friends. I hope I wasn’t playing along with the first impression to sustain my love? My friends understand though, so they left me alone in my thought. It took the funny remarks from patience to bring me back to the fact that we are home already.

She offers to deliver the gift to my love, while I went out with my friends to catch out with fun in a nearby estate. Guys hang out has always been fun filled, but my mind was far away from them boys. I couldn’t really be myself. I was just wondering about her. ‘Guy chill, she will like the gift, I promise’, Kingsley disrupt my thinking with his normal joke remarks. ‘I want to go home’, I requested and we retired home, only to found that my love just left about 5 minutes ago. You could feel the non-seen tears of heartbreak and sadness on my face when Patience told me that. ‘Why didn’t u call me on the phone’, I yelled. That was when I realized my phone had been turned off due to flat battery. I became weak as I went upstairs to power my phone leaving my friends to find their way home because it was too late to visit her.

I quietly consoled myself, imagining us sharing the ecstasy of Valentine’s Day together, at least to continue from where we stop in the morning. Just like two love birds, kissing, holding hands and watching the moon together. The message beep on my phone restores my consciousness back to reality. It was her message. Smile returns to my face and I lost appetite for dinner that night. All I wanted was to meet her in the dream as she promise to be waiting for me. I quickly took my bath and I went straight to bed. I gladly thank the God that my love found her like a lullaby.

One thing I thought as I slept that night was the way she normally dazzled me with her intelligence and look. Even in the dream, her smiling face was there for me. Her calmness seems too had cast a spell on me that I can’t stop thinking about her for a day. Just like an icon, she is different, sexy and babyish in attitude.

Though we’ve lost contact for long due to distance, yet she is still an angelic princess, the bride of peony and a queen of unknown in the midst of men that ruled my world.


Thank you for reading and I hope you had fun. Don’t forget to drop a comment and suggestion on how you think I can improve in my story telling techniques.

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