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I saw a post on one of the social media platforms that ‘maturity is when you stop posting everything about your life on social media’. After seeing that post, I laugh-out-loud. I immediately view the profile of the person and I found out the person in question has a service to render, that people really need on daily bases.

This push me to write this article about the importance of social media to an individual’s daily life as a brand.

Social media has been a real time connection between a brand (an individual with product/service) and a larger market (customers/clients) in the global community. It has reduced the distance in relationship building with d advent of mobile devices.

In this global community, an individual is a brand in identification which is associated with 2 classes: public and private. I wont be discussing much on that in this article.

So what you post on social media help to sell your brand positively or negatively and I solemnly believe its does not define how matured you are in the global community where we all belong.

But the truth is this, social media has a bigger role to play in your brand identification and association in the global community, and not maturity.

Here is how important social media platforms are to your brand identification and association.

1) In the area of what we call ‘growth of social signal’: social signal help to boost your search engine optimisation (SEO) endeavor to a large extent. The more people talk about your brand, like, comment and share your contents on social media, the more your brand is been recommend up in search ranking. Celebrities make use of this technique everyday.

2) social media user can help to keep your brand alive in the mind of a large number of people. The more they see your brand, the more they have you in mind. In that way, you are not forgotten and you can be call upon when needed.

3) social media helps your brand to reach a specific audience that need your product(s)/service(s) depending on the location.

4) the content(s) that associate with your brand can reach more people.

5) you will get instant feedback from the larger market.

With these points mentioned above, its very clear that social media sells your brand identification faster, which can help in building your social media algorithm.. I will talk more about social media algorithm in the next article on importance of social media.
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