Heaven (poem)

In a swift moment, out of my eyes,
Almost drift passion out cos of my fears
As I feel my heart swinging in the sky
For in loneliness, I lived in tears.

Here, now, a voice, of that I’m sure,
Dropping coldness into my boiling soul, so pure;
Unlike rain, I drip tears of joy
As my hand shiver in coy.

And there is peace lightening my face,
Deep happiness bursting out into a new phase
As I eavesdrop into her expression of me;
‘Thank you for not giving up on me’.

Time standstill!
Silence and speechless become my companions
And I medley in my thought for real,
Watching the rain dropping from my eyes as she speaks on.

‘I love you’!!!

I felt heavenly
As she sudden appears in my mind screen
Magnificently radiating in her smile
Of which I, too, smile


I feel I’m in heaven;
My new heaven,
That, I can see in her eyes
As I look through her pictures all night.

Solove Solomon

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