I Love My Hood- Episode 1

Yea I said so, and you are free to quote me anywhere brethren!
Let me give you people one small Amebor! 😂😂

There was this dude in the hood I used to know. He was a crack head. Well, for the benefit of the non drug abusers, because i have a huge percentage of Doctors, lab scientists and science students on my friends list. 👏👏🤘A crack head is that person who sits at a corner store or a cannabis bunk begging passerbys and shoppers for a cent or 2. They end up using this money to buy what makes them high and happy 😂.
Now I’ve always tried my best possible to contribute my tiny 1kobo to the guy’s ministry. I mean!!!🤨 I used to know how it felt not to have weed money. Very painful my people….. But not anymore though🙂

His condition was getting critical as he wasn’t feeding well too. He was getting sick, darker in skin color, and generally unkept. But my guy no gree leave igbo!!!

In 2014, a girl who was my neighbor here in the barracks, came back from a peace keeping mission. She called on me and offered to take me shopping. I intentionally took her to my cannabis bunk so she could see how that hood brother had deteriorated in health and life generally.
Well, I bought my weed and gave the dealer extra 1 kobo to cover for the weed debt this guy was into already. That gesture caught the attention of my Ahua sister and she asked me who the said guy was!
Haaaaaa! Beatrice, so because you go Somalia come back, you nor know Fryo again! Fryo Rtd. Colonel Ajayi pikin? Abeg spare me your wahala joor!
She was shocked to the bone and I could see the tears forming in her eyes.

Musa please take me back to that place. My heart aches!
In my mind, I was like “Yes babe. My pleasure. I know you’d not let me down. And I smiled inwardly!

I took her back to the guy, and she held his hands, rose him from the ground, and hugged him deeply.
To say my guy was surprised, is an understatement. He took had to shed some tears. At that point in time, I knew that love has come around with its wahala 😂😂. I no jealous abeg. Me sef get Girlfriend wey know say I broke pass rat wey dey live for welder shop 😏😏.
We took him to her house, and that was after we visited the barbers shop and the local boutique in the hood. Barber gree collect money???!
Omoh to be soldier sef good small oo. Those small small things wey you fit get away with shaa!!!!

She made food for us and that was where I saw real chemistry. She fed him all through as he kept looking at us in amazement. I swear I don’t want to imagine whatever was going on in his mind! Buh one thing I know for sure is, he didn’t think his Chi remembered him that day. He prolly thought we were gonna use him for ritual or something. We all know how peeps who weed, think. 😂😂😂

If a ganja man is about to cross a drainage to the other side, he gon stop 100metres to the drainage, and calculate the Velocity, mass, weed effect, and his hallucinating partner’s judgment of him incase he couldn’t make it to the other side. 😂😂. When he gets real close, he might just change his mind and seek an alternative route, or better still wait for another fellow who wants to cross the drainage then beg for assistance. 😂😂. We know ourselves…

To be Continue


By Musa

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