Beauty- a fairytale

I know you know me, that is why I have chosen to write you these heartfelt words from my world. You may call it a letter, but it’s an emotional expression of a true dream that is been cage by nervousness. It hurts me when I can’t look into your eyes and tell you how much I care to hold you in my arms and show you the pureness of what love is all about.

I have been looking everywhere for someone (a girl) to call my own, but I could not find, until last night when I was opportune to look deep into your eyes. I saw a beauty that is indefinable, unexplainable and miraculously beat my imagination. Not just the beauty of your face that mollified me, but deep inside you, I saw love that needs to be developed and express it meaning for commitment. It reflects and flow in your eyes.

I was lost to my sub consciousness that I just have to let you go immediately. Your calmness and your ear of listening is what I cannot explain. So attentive!!! But my dream is not yet a fairytale to tell, rather a wish that is made upon a star.

What is dream without achievement? What is life when you can’t choose to be with your dream girl? How can I make you understand that my soul sing a true song of love, just for you? How can I make you realize that my night is meaningless and colorless without the thought of you adding colors to ultra bright m world? How can I make you see that you are a sent glistering angel that my heart loves?

I maybe common, but could my personality be proven worthy of your love? I’m tired of been just a friend, I want to be nigh you. Tell me, do you feel the same way too? Can I be the one you truly love?


                                                                                With love

That is one of my numerous love letter that I used to write when I see a beauty that makes me feel nervous. Beauty is extra-ordinary whether you like it or not. It takes the creator a good thought to birth out beautiful ones. Beauty is beyond the eyes and faces of the beautiful one. It is deeply camp in the heart of the owner and reflects its fullness in the eyes, which is the reason why it is call beautiful.

What can be saying of her than she is awesome in look and perfect to behold. The story of beauty can only be told by those who find the true soul mate and they are blessed with it. Emotionally speaking, beauty is when you are in love. You cannot stop telling the tales to everyone who care to listen. Its extraordinary qualities are been camp inside a tales that will last forever. Romeo and Juliet is definition of dying for the beauty of love, so is titanic and missing angel.

The truth is this; even the blind recognizes beauty when his is in love. They say beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, but to me, it is simply a fairytales that is been told from generation to generation. It is a dream of love when you are not sleeping.

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