3 things to know before going into a relationship

It will be every one’s turn at one point or another. When it’s your turn to make your life time marital decision, every one want to be sure it’s the right and best decision they have made.
Nobody wants to wake up to the fact that they made a costly mistake and their decision was actually a wrong one. No one wants to come to terms that they choose a wrong person to love.
We all want to smile at the fact that our choices of who to marry is the best option for us.

There are some basic facts you want to consider to be sure you are making a right choice in choosing who to marry.

1. Fall in love with yourself: You need to first of all know and understand who you are. You are firstly a gift to yourself before you are a gift to someone else.
Discover your talents, gifts and uniqueness. Learn to enjoy your own company. Laugh, sing, play, talk and dance all by and with yourself first. Develop a good self esteem. Don’t condemn or judge yourself.
Be kind and nice to yourself.

2. Develop yourself and be matured: Maturity comes with self development. Majority of relationship and marital issues comes from immaturity of the people involved. This deals with maturity in thoughts, words and actions. Every good virtue of inter personal relationships requires a level of maturity.

3. Develop normal healthy relationships: Learn to live cordially with people because in relationship and marriage, that’s what you will be doing. Learn to forgive people on time. Don’t pick on every small issue. Don’t be a complex and difficult person to live with. Don’t insist on your own. Don’t always fight your room mate, your colleagues at home, the bus driver, the post man and every other human being.

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