I love my hood- episode2

I Love My Hood!

Well, don’t be surprised I’m dropping this here at this time of the night! I’m on a call with the girl before my heart! She is the apple of my heart! She gives me life and a reason to live! She’s a rare kinda being, and I bet you ain’t seen or heard of her before! Maybe you’ve heard of diamonds before though! Buh this is a rare kinda diamond! I used to think that I’ll die before I fall in love! Well, she proved me wrong! And now I’m head over heels for her!

I promise never to let her go!
I’ll love another girl though!
She’s gonna be your daughter!
Our daughter!
I’ll tell her about all the things you’ve done for me!
I’ll tell her how you do resurrect my spirit anytime I’m down and see no reason to live!
I’ll tell her how you’ve supported me in all ramifications of life!
I’ll tell her how you loved me deeply even when I was madly broke with an empty wallet!

It wasn’t my doings brethren!
I was lucky and she knows I was!

I love you my OLORI💋
I’m not rich yet bae, buh I have a lil gift for you!
Please kindly accept it from me maami!
I’ll never ever give you a single reason to have a single doubt about your place in my life!
No Rival! No Colleague! No Dramas!

So help me God!


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