A shot of a Gun

The nigh’ has again come

In which i was careless to make a turn

Deep down me there is a shot of a gun

As i fell, nothin’ could wakes me up

Then i recall

I got dreams; i got goals

And now my heart is shattered out of the pieces of a gold

Nothing ranges the close

But of the door, i smoothly walk in the cold

I know i deserve more

But the breeze of love blew you, that i saw it all

What is the fleet part of a way out?

Is it a manifest of a waybills that i received, wow?

I have bein’ charge of my ignorance

Now i sleep in more pain of importance

As i channels the water flow of my eyes

Directed in the agony of the part in which the heart flies

I now know no feelings

But i kneel beside my bed, not appealing

I hope i can survive this shot

‘Cause my spirit had disappeared with the hurt

                                                         by SOLOVE SOLOMON

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